Film Scanning

Scan whole rolls or specific frames in a variety of file sizes and film formats from 35 mm and 120 to half frames, 110, 127, panoramic and sprocket scanning.

We offer standardmedium and high quality scans:

  • Standard quality scans are the most popular option with a pixel size of approximately 1200x1800px (pixel size varies based on aspect ratio), and the file quality is suited for small prints (4×6, 5×7, etc).
  • Medium quality scans (2400×3000 px) offer a larger file size and greater detail, ideal for 8×10/11×14 prints.
  • High quality scans (3600×5400 px)offer the highest resolution image available and offer the greatest flexibility for printing at 16×20 and larger.

*Pixels and file sizes are approximate.

Want a specific file format? We can provide the files in either JPEG or TIFF.

  • JPEG – for easy downloading from your phone and seamless posting on social media, choose standard quality JPEG.
  • TIFF – best for editing and printing. TIFF files demand too much bandwidth for our current file service to upload, so if you want your files as TIFFs please bring in a thumb drive or hard drive.

All scans include basic image correction, however old or damaged films are subject to re-touch fees.

Turnaround times:

  • 2 BUSINESS DAYS for Standard Develop & Scan (next day is typical)
  • 3 BUSINESS DAYS for Med & High Develop & Scan
  • We process C-41 Tuesday-Friday, B&W only processed on Wednesdays and Fridays

For instructions on properly loading slides into a carousel for digitization, give us a call or watch this video.

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