Booklets & zines

We are now offering photo quality zines & booklets!

Sizes currently available:

  • 5×8 inch
  • 4×5

Coming soon:

  • 6×6 square
  • 3×6 panoramic

Zine Set-Up Tips:

For best results, follow these guidelines when setting up your zine:

  • no writing or important content within 0.25 inch of document edge
  • pages must all have a 0.125 inch bleed (What does this mean?)
  • each page must be numbered in the file name
  • Please set up your file as individual pages, presented one after the other, in the exact order they will appear in the finished booklet. Please do not submit a file that contains two-page spreads.
  • Please submit a single JPEG or PDF file with a resolution of 300 ppi. Also, be sure your file includes every page in the book. Even if some pages are completely blank, it is important that they appear in the file to ensure all of the pages get placed in the proper order.

Resource on Reader spreads vs. printer spreads:

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